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The transport sector is growing continuously and being driven by a demand for solutions that are increasingly complex and unique.

This growth is presenting significant social challenges i.e. the realization of transport systems that are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

The resulting growth in the demand for energy, climate change and the increase in traffic, air and sound pollution all have a negative impact on local and global ecosystems. More efficient public and private transport solutions are therefore essential to achieving the required long term sustainability.

The social challenges that face us can only be met through the development of innovative, technological and efficient solutions that minimize any negative effects on the environment and subsequently all of us as individuals.

Camozzi realized its own internal C-Transport division, in which technicians and Business Development Managers work in partnership with the client to study the applications, the working conditions which are often connected with environments characterized by extreme pressures or temperatures, in which external stress may affect the performances of the components.

Camozzi offers robust, reliable and efficient solutions which are suitable for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Our experience and expertise enables the development of solutions that are customized to meet each individual customer’s specification. These tailored solutions include the modification of standard components, the assembly of compact panels or the development of completely new components or mechatronic systems.

Motion & Control

Moving while constantly controlling performances and precision of the entire system. This is the target that Camozzi pursues, proposing complete systems in which mechatronic integration of components also includes sensors and diagnostics. The development of the main communication protocols, remote control combined with the most advanced pneumatic technologies allow to obtain maximum efficiency from every work unit or system. Optimization of the solution starts in fact with the research of a compact design with reduced dimensions and weight and especially with the most practical modalities of installation, functioning, control and monitoring of the conditions of the system in order to reduce maintenance.

Safety Automation

Offering complete solutions means for us to guarantee “Total Cost of Ownership” , i.e. the maximum reliability and safety during the whole product life. To guarantee safety of the pneumatically-operated equipment installed and to operate according to the “Total Quality Management” also means that we can demonstrate our commitment thanks to the International certifications that we have achieved. Every equipment is designed and produced according to the main International regulations’ parameters protecting the system and the user himself. Our labs are equipped to make specific tests on special applications according to the customers’ requirements and according to the main standards (for ex. . EN 60068-2-1, EN 600682-2, EN 60068-2-30, EN 61373..) making resistance, temperature, shock and vibration tests.


Energy saving

Energy saving is a common value in every development activity related to the Camozzi products. The use of pneumatically-operated solutions made up of reliable and heavy-duty mechanical components, precise integrated electronics, excellent material and design is a guarantee of energy saving for the user. Camozzi is also really sensible to production process optimization using more and more renewable energy.

Complete solutions for automation

C_Transport provides solutions which are designed, developed and tested in exact accordance with customer specifications

A wide range of high quality and modular products are available which are fully tested in accordance with customer specifications, even for equipment that has to work in extreme temperatures, with shocks and vibrations, humidity and different voltages. Our technicians provide support during the development of project solutions and after sales services throughout the world, making us the ideal partner for demanding and high added value projects.

Compact technical solutions

When designing components our focus is always on performance and on the optimization of dimensions. It is this focus that enables us to deliver compact pneumatic modules and circuits that guarantee high speed, excellent flows, low consumption, reduced weight and clean design.

Integrated technical solutions

With Camozzi’s experience, pre-assembled solutions can be provided which reduce installation time. Maintenance time and costs are also reduced due to the high reliability of each solution.

Customized solutions Pre-assembled kits Panels and systems

Our “Lean  Philosophy” enables us to ensure production flexibility whilst the extensive technical knowledge residing at the Camozzi Research Center means we are fully equipped to deliver customized solutions, combining electronics and mechanics, which are developed by working closely with each customer.