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κοχλιοφόρος αεροσυμπιεστής

Brand new, energy efficient, screw compressor installation!

Our team has concluded another screw compressor installation, commissioned by a very good customer in the metal construction industry!! Brought to us by SCC TOLPEC, this oil injected, speed controlled air compressor, model FLEXI 30, has a nominal power of 30kw and air flow 4,90 m3/min @ 10bar. Our customer wanted to optimize his plant […]

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κοχλιοφόροι αεροσυμπιεστές

Screw compressors made by SCC TOLPEC!

Dear valued friends and customers, Today we are very pleased to present a new and exciting new collaboration on the field of compressed air systems with the German company SCC TOLPEC GMBH! SCC TOLPEC was founded by people with longtime experience and know-how on compressed air, with the scope of providing integrated solutions for industrial […]

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