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Dinamic Oil

Dinamic Oil, established in 1970, is an Italian manufacturer of hoisting winches and planetary gearboxes. With almost 50 years of experience constantly improved by research and development, Dinamic Oil has adopted a “flexible thinking” approach that allows the company to offer customized solutions for industrial applications and mobile machines.


The main product range of Dinamic Oil consists of hydraulic hoisting winches and gearboxes.

Hoisting winches : The standard range covers from 500 kg to 30 Tons line pull.

Winches are equipped with orbit motors or axial piston motors, negative multi disc brake and a variety of accessories are available e.g.: tension rollers, third wrap indicators, load sensing, grooved drums, level-winds, absolute encoders. Medium Marine Grade Painting is standard on all winches.

Customized winches can be produced according to specific requirements e.g. (manriding, double cable drum, special grooved drum, customized dimensions).

The winch range of Dinamic Oil is complimented by Motorized Drums, Tower Crane Winches and Pulling Winches.

Gearboxes: The standard range covers from 1.000 Nm to 2.500.000 Nm of ISO torque.

The design provides high performance from compact dimensions and is suitable for a wide range of applications including: mobile, drilling, marine, mining and industrial.

Wide availability of customized solutions makes this range of gearboxes adaptable to any kind of application where a compact and reliable mechanical transmission is needed.

The gearboxes have a compact design and a strong output support suitable for applications with high radial loads.  Each model can be supplied with pinion shaft or male shafts (splined or cylindrical). Amongst the many accessories available static brakes can be fitted in a low opening pressure version (suitable for closed loop circuit) or in a dry version (suitable for high speed motor).

The range is complimented by Winch Drives, Track Drives and Wheel Drives.