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Dana Brevini

Dana Brevini Power – Transmission products consist of a mechanical transmission range combined with the hydraulic – electronic products of Dana Brevini Fluid Power, providing

Dana Brevini Power – Transmission is the mechanical division of Dana Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies is the result of the acquisition by Dana of the Brevini Power Transmission business.

Brevini has a long history and it was among the world’s top ten manufacturers in the sector of mechanical transmissions and gear drives, thanks to relevant market shares in industrial applications (steel industry, plastics production, materials handling) and in innovative systems such as waste recycling plants and energy production. Brevini name was related to a major player also in the mining sector and in marine technologies.

The product portfolio consists of high- efficiency technologies with planetary and helical gear units, motors and winches, covering a wide power range to meet the needs of the most application sectors.

Brevini Fluid Power was established in 2003 through the merger of several companies active in the hydraulic sector for over forty years. The challenge began in 1973 with the birth of SamHydraulik, followed by Hydr-APP in 1974. The company grew over the following decades with the addition of Aron and Brevini Hydraulics. The product range was expanded through the acquisition of VPS in Bologna and OT Oil Technology in Parma.

The Brevini Fluid Power consists of the following product lines:

Pumps and motors

Axial piston pumps and motors for high and medium pressures, orbital motors, gear pumps and motors.


Cetop valves for directional, flow, pressure control, on off and proportional valves. Cartridge and modular valves.

Hydraulic valves

Proportional valves, joysticks and electronic modules. Monoblock and sectional valves.

Hydraulic power packs

Standard and customized mini power packs, cartridge valves, speed increasers and transmission systems.


Sensors, load cells, board and electronic controls by CAN, displays, transducers.


Hydraulic circuits

Standard and customized hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications.