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Founded in 1964, Camozzi Automation embarked on an evolutionary journey that in a few years led the company to become a leading industrial solution provider in the automation field. Continuous investments have enabled the company to build and consolidate its international presence and broaden its product offering that today comprises solutions for industrial automation, components and systems to control liquid and gaseous fluids and applications dedicated to the transportation industry.

Camozzi is side by side in supporting our clients, always and everywhere in the world. The conviction that a true partnership cannot exist without being close to the client led Camozzi Automation to create a global business network that is capable of assuring an extensive worldwide presence through production sites, subsidiaries and exclusive distributors.

It is this well-established global business network that is able to respond quickly, in accordance with a common strategy, that guarantees Camozzi’s consistent high quality of service.

Application solutions for the most demanding sectors.


«At Camozzi, we are well aware that each application in the automation sector comes with unique, specific requirements. In order to satisfy our wide-range of clients, we are constantly investing to enlarge our product offering and develop specific skills pertaining to various industrial fields. It is a process of innovation with defined drivers, implemented on the basis of a constant cooperation between research, training, and development, both from an organizational and a technological point of view.

Thanks to Camozzi’s industry experts, our Business Development Managers, we interact with our clients every day in order to understand and satisfy their needs and develop a product roadmap aligned with the requests of the market.»

The range of Camozzi’s solutions include linear actuators and grippers, valves and solenoid valves for the control of actuation and the management of different types of fluids; components for air treatment, connections, and vacuum systems.

έμβολα αέρος, πνευματικοί ενεργοποιητές

The constant research on mechatronic solutions has led to the integration of sensors and

diagnostic systems that are capable of processing information that is linked to the operative parameters of the system.


The C_Electrics department develops solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors and drives.

Possessing a broad range of accessory components, the C_Electrics products can be combined into various configurations providing users with the utmost flexibility. For simplification of installation and maintenance of Camozzi products, Qset has been developed. Qset is an extremely intuitive and efficient configuration software for electromechanical cylinders and axes, capable of identifying the ideal solution for the client, based on the specifications of each application.

προπαρασκευή αέρος