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Our company is active on the field of industrial equipment since October 2016. Being the historic sequence of ΤΕCHNOMATIC CONTROL SA, with over 25 years of successful presence in the market, we are strongly focused on the multiple long term exclusive cooperation and dealerships with some of the most notable European manufacturers.

We have thus reached the point of being – well over 30 years now – one of the top trading companies in Greece on pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum systems and air compressors, all under European manufacturing certifications, made in Italy and Germany.

The well-established manufacturing companies we have been collaborating with exclusively are now a vital part of our identity and the reason behind the vast majority of happy customers.


On a more specific level, below you can find our extensive product range coming from our exclusive dealerships and partnerships with our suppliers:


  • Compressed air systems for industrial use (air compressors): made in Germany ALMIG KOMPRESSOREN screw compressors, oil free compressors and piston compressors as well as dryers, air tanks and filtering systems.


  • Pneumatic automations: made in Italy, CAMOZZI and OMAL automations such as cylinders, electrovalves, fittings, regulators, FRLs, valve islands, filters and pneumatic valves at an extensive range as well as pneumatic and electric actuators.


  • Vacuum systems: made Italy, VUOTOTECNICA complete vacuum program for industrial use consisting of caps, pumps, generators, valves and preassembled vacuum systems with motors, tanks etc.


  • Hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile use : for vehicles we are able to offer a complete range of hydraulic components made in Italy by OMFB Hydraulics such as PTOs, shafts, valves, AC/DC power units, controls, oil tanks, hydraulic power packs and more. For industrial use, we can offer a vast range of electrohydraulic systems made by Italian company ATOS such as pumps, valves, cylinders etc. We also offer hydraulic filters for industrial use made by MP FILTRI, gear pumps and valves made by SALAMI ITALIA, reducers and winches made by DANA BREVINI and DINAMIC OIL.