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κοχλιοφόροι αεροσυμπιεστές

Dear valued friends and customers,
Today we are very pleased to present a new and exciting new collaboration on the field of compressed air systems with the German company SCC TOLPEC GMBH!
SCC TOLPEC was founded by people with longtime experience and know-how on compressed air, with the scope of providing integrated solutions for industrial use, with German technology and quality, at the most affordable price level.
TECHNOMATIC GROUP is here to offer you screw compressors, oil free and piston compressors, dryers, filters and accessories for industrial and marine use.
All the models made by SCC TOLPEC are accompanied by Certificates of Conformity and two-year full warranty, which can be extended up to five years!
Our company has a skilled and experienced team of sales people and compressor technicians, available to study every individual need on compressed air and offer the most suitable solution. We also offer original filters and spare parts, and we are on call 24/7 for service and repairs.
TECHNOMATIC GROUP, in collaboration with SCC TOLPEC has already made dozens of installations with 100% success and customer satisfaction.
You can find more about our compressed air range in the following links:
Contact us now for a free evaluation and offer, customized on your own special requirements!

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