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Our company is the exclusive dealer for the complete range of CAMOZZI SPA products in Greece.

Our range mainly includes:



In compliance with the International Standards (ISO)

πνευματικος κυλινδρος ισο


Compact / Short –stroke

πνευματικος κυλινδρος κομπακτ


Stainless steel (INOX)

πνευματικος κυλινδρος ανοξειδωτος



πνευματικος κυλινδρος με οδηγους



πνευματικος κυλινδρος περιστροφικος



πνευματικος κυλινδρος με αρπαγες



πνευματικος κυλινδρος χωρις αξονα


Non standard

πνευματικος κυλινδρος σειρες


Series 6E cylinders are mechanical linear actuators with rod, in which the rotary movement, generated by a motor, is converted into a linear movement by means of a recirculating ball screw.
Available in 4 sizes, 32, 40, 50 and 63, the Series 6E has dimensions based on the ISO 15552 standard and it is therefore possible to use the mounting accessories of the pneumatic cylinders.

ηλεκτρικος κυλινδρος με αξονα

Series 5E axes are mechanical linear actuators in which the rotary movement generated by a motor is converted into a linear movement by means of a toothed belt.
The Series 5E, available in 3 sizes 50, 65 and 80, is realized by means of a special self-supporting square profile, in which the components have been completely integrated, assuring compactness and light weight.
The presence of a recirculating ball guide grants high stiffness and resistance to
external loads

ηλεκτρικος κυλινδρος χωρις αξονα

Additionally, we offer cylinders used as shock absorbers and stoppers.

εμβολα κραδασμων
εμβολα stoppers

In all above models, we also offer magnetic switches and proximity switches (available for certain cylinder series).

μαγνητικοι διακοπτες
κλειδωμα αξονων