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Our company is the exclusive dealer for the complete range of CAMOZZI SPA products in Greece.
Our range mainly includes:



Two-way, three-way, five-way valves with a single or double coil in all pneumatic systems, also according to International Standards (ISO)



Pneumatic valves

ηλεκτροβαλβιδες με πνευματικη εντολη
ηλεκτροβαλβιδες με πνευματικη εντολη 02


Valve islands

νησιδες βαλβιδων


Mechanical and Manual valves

ηλεκτροβαλβιδες μηχανικες


Flow control valves

ηλεκτροβαλβιδες ελεγχου παροχης


Pressure switch valves

ηλεκτροβαλβιδες πιεσοστατικες


Logic Valves

logic valves


Proportional valves

ηλεκτροβαλβιδες αναλογικες



Ball valves

From 3/8’’ up to 4’’ with pneumatic actuators, or levers, two or three ways operation – from PN10 up to PN 500.

Fluids: Compressed air, water, petroleum and petrochemical products according to the valve model.

Body materials: Brass, stainless steel, cast iron, PVC, etc.

ATEX Versions available.

βάνες σφαιροκρουνου
σφαιροκρουνου 03
σφαιροκρουνου 02

Butterfly valves

From DN 40 up to DN 600, with stainless steel or cast iron disk and various seals (EPDM, FKM, in wafer or lug type.

Available also in full stainless steel with threads or ready for welding.

βάνες πεταλούδας
πεταλούδας 02

Angle seat valves

From 3/8’’ up to 2’’ with threads according to ISO 228/1 and ISO7/1. In stainless steel or brass, with single or double acting actuators, Νormal Οpen or Normal Close operation. Working pressure up to 25 bar.

βάνες πιστονιού
πιστονιού 02

Pinch valves

From 1΄΄ (25mm) up to 60’’ (1500mm) for pressure up to 20 bar, single or double acting actuators, ΝΟ or NC, Pneumatic, manual, hydraulic or electric operated.

βιδωτές βάνες

Knife gate valves

From 3’’(80mm) up to 26’’ (650mm), with AISI 316L disk, Teflon coated or duplex 2205, with or without seals, pneumatic, manual, hydraulic or electric operated.

μαχαιρωτές βάνες



Single acting or double acting and ATEX versions.

ενεργοποιητης πνευματικός



ενεργοποιητής ηλεκτρικός