Telescopic Cylinders

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In cooperation with the companies HS PENTA and CUS Hydraulics, we import the following products:

Underbody single acting, telescopic cylinders for light and medium duty dumping trucks

From 3 tons up to 22 tons for underbody installation, with supports.


τηλεσκοπικός κύλινδρος
τηλεσκοπικός κύλινδρος 02

From 20 tons up to 100 tons and stroke up to 10500mm, for front mounting applications, in three main series:

  • Pins to Eye series
  • With outer cover series
  • Eye to eye series


Along with the above mentioned telescopic cylinders, we also offer pneumatic or hydraulic end of stroke valves among others accessories for such applications.

τηλεσκοπικές μπουκάλες με μάτι ή με καμπάνα