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DRA. Kältetrockner. Refrigerated dryer - technomatic group

Our cooling type dryers, made by SCC COMPRESSORS, are high performance machines, which have proven themselves reliable in countless applications.

Series DRA is here to offer performance and reliability at inlet temperatures up to +50°C and dew point +3°C.

The dryers are also equipped with large sized internal compressors and cooling systems to make sure that the dew point remains stable at all times and the water separation is functioning properly, even in borderline operational situations.
SCC dryers have a standard, electronic condensate drain and thermal protection switch.
The full range of DRA series allows the selection of the optimal dryer for smaller or bigger installations



Adsorption dryers are used for all applications where a pressure dewpoint of  +3°C is not sufficient.  They are used wherever compressed air is being dried to a pressure dew point of –20°C, –40°C or –70°C.

The range of KSI Filtertechnik includes:

  • Cold-regenerating adsorption dryers
  • Hot-regenerating adsorption dryers