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ξηραντης ψυκτικου τυπου

The powerful refrigeration dryers of the ALM series are highly efficient quality dryers which have proven themselves in countless applications. They offer good profitability and reliability at inlet temperatures of up to +60°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C.

The series is also characterised by particularly large heat exchanger surfaces, guaranteeing a constant pressure dew point and good water separation even under extreme operating conditions.


ξηραντης προσροφητικου τυπου

Adsorption dryers are used for all applications where a pressure dewpoint of  +3°C is not sufficient.  They are used wherever compressed air is being dried to a pressure dew point of –20°C, –40°C or –70°C. ALMiG offers:

  • Cold-regenerating adsorption dryers
  • Hot-regenerating adsorption dryers