Packaging Expo 2018: pneumatic and vacuum automation at it’s best!!

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Our company is really proud to present this year’s booth at the International Packaging exhibition 2018!

Packaging Exhibition was held at the Athens Metropolitan Expo from 12 to 15 of October 2018.

TECHNOMATIC GROUP had a notable presence with a 35m2 booth in the main hall, where we displayed our full range of compressed air machines and industrial pneumatic and vacuum systems, all suitable for packaging machinery of food, liquids etc.

More specifically, our visitors had the opportunity to discuss in person with our skilled team of mechanic engineers and also see our latest products of the most advanced design and technology.

Our booth featured a screw compressor made by ALMIG COMPRESSOREN GERMANY, a robotic system for electric cylinders movement (robot gantry) made by CAMOZZI AUTOMATION ITALY, a robotic platform for vacuum systems depiction made by VUOTOTECNICA ITALY, pneumatic and hand valves with actuators made by OMAL ITALIA and new technology side blowers with IE3 motor made by FPZ ITALIA!

Until the next Packaging Exhibition, our team in Athens & Thessaloniki is at your disposal for any inquiry or information on our products as well as customized solutions based on your individual specifications!

–Our inspiration, your solution!