MARITIME HELLAS : New company profile for marine products!

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Οur company was founded in 1992 with the scope of import, trade and export of pneumatic –hydraulic -vacuum systems and air compressors for industrial and marine use.

With cooperation with the most esteemed European and Worldwide manufacturers, we are able to offer certified products and original spare parts for a vast range of applications in Greece and abroad.

Especially for the marine sector, concerning onshore and offshore applications on ships, platforms and crane systems, we are offering:

Screw compressors for on deck applications

Pneumatic cylinders and cylinder spare parts in standard and INOX version

Pneumatic valves

High technology electrohydraulics consisting of proportional valves, on-off valves, safety valves, ATEX/INOX valves

Hydraulic cylinders and servocylinders

Planetary gearboxes
Hoisting and Pulling winches

Axial and orbital motors

Hydraulic powerpacks

All our products are available with certificate of conformity, ISO 9001:2015 as well as special marine certifications upon request.

Our technical experts are able to provide maintenance and technical advice all year round!

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