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Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small set of data, which a web site can store on your computer or mobile phone. Cookies allow the web site to “remember” your actions when you browse it. Although most browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, support cookies, users can set their browser not to accept or to subsequently delete cookies.

Utility of cookies

Cookies can perform many functions and are mainly used to measure the traffic of a website as a total or of specific pages only. Indicatively, they allow recording of the number of visitors in real time or per hour of the day, their geographic origin, the operating system and screen resolution of their computer, the page from where they were directed (via a search engine, a link from another page or direct entry), the keyword used in the search engine, etc. Other cookies may “remember”, to facilitate the user, the selection of language or the search results in a web site. Others may record failed attempts to log on in a website, which allows said website, after a specific number of unsuccessful attempts, to request further credentials to cross-check users’ identity, such as the entry of an additional code, sent to their mobile phone by sms.

Use of cookies

The web site under the domain name «», hereinafter referred to as the “Web site”, stores cookies in its visitors’ terminal equipment to improve their browsing experience and to measure its traffic. These cookies do not compromise the privacy and sensitive personal data of users.

CMS WordPress! Cookies

The web site is designed based on the WordPress! Content Management System (CMS), which by default stores cookies on the user’s computer to improve their browsing experience on the page. These cookies are as follows:

Session Cookies

Session cookies allow users to be identified when browsing a web site, so that their choices are memorised and transferred from one sub-page to another. The most common example of this feature is the shopping cart in on-line stores. When adding products in your shopping cart, the session cookies memorise your choices, to ensure that the products you selected are there when you are ready to pay. Without session cookies, the web site would not “remember” the products you added in your shopping cart, and as a result, when you clicked “pay” your cart would be empty.

Although our web site does not sell products, the session cookies it uses operate in exactly the same way. In particular, our web site stores two session cookies: one, for “memorising” the choice of language for browsing the web site and one for “memorising” all other choices of the user. Both session cookies are automatically deleted from the users’ computer after the completion of the session, which occurs fifteen minutes after their last action in the web site. These cookies are first party cookies: i.e. they are placed and read by the domain of our web site.

Universal Analytics Cookies

Google Universal Analytics uses cookies to report user interactions on the websites of Google Analytics customers. These cookies are used to store non-personal identification data. The cookies of Google Analytics, that are stored through our web site on the user’s terminal equipment are as follows:

The cookie with the name “_ga” serves to identify unique visitors to our web site and has a life span of two years from the user’s last visit to the web site.

The cookie with the name “_gat” serves to anonymously track the visitor’s behaviour while browsing the web site and has a ten-minute lifespan from the user’s visit to the web site. Indicatively, it identifies the visitor’s entry and exit sub-page, the time spent on each sub-page, etc.

It is noted that the lifespan of these cookies may be changed by Google without prior notice.

Cookiesdirective Cookie

Once you have consented to accept cookies from this web site in accordance with the procedure described below, a cookie with the name “cookiesdirective” is stored in your terminal equipment, which remembers your consent, and has a life span of one year from the date of consent. In practice, the installation of this cookie saves you the trouble of having to give the same consent each time you visit the web site.

Obligation of consent to store cookies

The installation and use of “cookies” is specifically regulated by article 4 (5) of Law No. 3471/2006 (which transposed Directive 2002/58/EC into Greek Law), according to which the installation and use of “cookies” is allowed only upon consent of the user. A web site may install such “cookies” only if users have given their consent, after they have received clear and extensive information about the installation, the purpose of processing, the exercise of the right of access and any recipients of the data. This consent can be given through appropriate settings in the web browser or other application.

Obtaining the visitor’s consent

Given that Google Universal Analytics cookies are third-party cookies in terms of our web site and are not included as traffic analysis cookies in the exception of article 4(5) of L. 3471/2006, our web site obtains the visitor’s consent before storing cookies in their terminal equipment. Users can delete the cookies stored in their browser by this web site at any time, through their settings.

In specific, the web site uses a special plug-in, which prevents cookies from being stored in the visitors’ terminal equipment unless their consent is first obtained, by clicking on the accept button. Near the accept button there is a link, directing to this cookies policy of the web site, where users can read all the necessary information for deciding whether to consent or not to accept cookies.

Control and delete cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish. Find more details here: You can delete all cookies that are currently installed in your computer and set most browsers in a way that prevents the installation of cookies. However, in this case, you may need to customise certain preferences on your own each time you visit a web site, while some services may be disabled.