Compressed Air at a New Efficiency Level

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Compressed air at a new efficiency level

Nowadays energy efficiency is the key driver when it comes to industrial compressed air supply. With its 2-stage compression technology ALMiG sets a new standard in energy efficiency. By using two airends, connected to each other, they achieve a specific performance which is at the highest level. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce the new G-Drive T compressor series from ALMiG offering higher volume flow with a lower input power consumption, in comparison to an equivalent single stage compressor. Low rotational speeds and lower internal pressure differences within the compressor stages increase the efficiency, reliability and lifetime of the compressor element.


With the 2-stage screw compressor, there is a technology that can’t be overlooked in the future. State of the art efficiency, coupled with a low sound level and low service costs, makes the 2-stage technology very interesting for the industrial compressed air users.


The G-Drive T200 compressor from ALMiG displayed on Hannover Messe offers all these benefits, plus a compact footprint due to its well-thought-out design. With a look to Industry 4.0 the controller of the compressor has all the needed functionalities to communicate with common industrial company systems. Or simply use the cloud service to monitor the compressor from anywhere.