ALMiG Extends Oil Free Program with SCROLL Series

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The new, efficient Scroll series in the range of 4–15kW air compressors is the result of the continuous improvement of ALMiG developments. It provides 100 % oilfree compressed air for very sensitive applications.

The main features are low operating costs, a small footprint and low noise level.

The Scroll series got developed for applications where clean and oilfree compressed air is absolutely necessary. This applies to industries like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Food and Beverage.


Compressed air on demand by unique design

The air-cooled compressor series is equipped with one or multiple 3,7kW oilfree scroll elements. These elements are using two, interleaving scrolls to compress incoming air without any lubrication.


ALMiG offers four models in this series: Scroll 04/Scroll 08/Scroll 11/Scroll 15


Starting with one scroll element in the Scroll 04, the number of used elements increases up to 4 elements in the Scroll 15. This is a huge benefit for the customer, because in case of a variation in the air demand, only the needed scroll elements are activated. This will save high energy costs. With an intelligent controller build in, it is ensured that energy is only consumed, when compressed air is required. On top of that, the use of high efficient IE3 premium motors additionally improves the energy saving potential. The introduced compressor models are able to cover an air demand from 0.41 to 1.64 m3/min. With multiple compressors connected to each other, even higher air demands are possible.


Because of its unique design and the use of proven and high-quality materials, the Scroll series not only provides a very small footprint, but also has one of the lowest noise levels in the market with only 61 dB(A). The design allows a very easy and fast service.



With the introduction of the Scroll series, ALMiG extends its product portfolio with 100 % oilfree air compressors and provides a competitive, energy efficient compressor range for the highest standards. If needed, the Scroll series adjusts itself to varying air demands and due to the design, it is a very small and quiet compressor.